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Friday, July 19, 2013

Sew & Tell Saturday 7/20/2013

Welcome to Sew & Tell Saturday!
Sorry I haven't been able to visit anyone this week.
Real life was calling.
Yesterday we got back from a weeklong trip to Mexico.
It was an up and down trip with beautiful beaches as always in Mexico, and a trip to the emergency room for Lily who almost choked on a chicken bone that was in her enchilada. It came out on its own when she gagged on the long camera the doctor had going up her nose to see down her throat. Thank God they didn't have to operate. But what a night of fretting and worry.
Then Gigi got stung by jellyfish when we went snorkeling. The lifeguard sprayed some Windex of all things on her stings, and the swelling went away. And just after we drove away on the highway an 8 foot wooden crate fell off the back of a truck right in front of us. Thank goodness my husband is a trained driver and he swerved over way quicker than I would have!
We  had come to Mexico to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and to pay some taxes on a piece of property my husband got in a settlement years before. It had been 19 years since he paid the taxes and the last time we visited the town so we weren't sure if the property was even still ours or not. It's just a tiny little plot but at the beach, and it's way out in the middle of nowhere.... miles down a dirt road and there are bulls all over the place. So after a little pleasant negotiations at the tax office we managed to get the years late tax bill  WAY down....just another trip to Mexico!
I'm hoping to use it for a dowry for one of our daughters someday... 5 bulls and a piece of land in Mexico. ; )
 I haven't been doing much sewing lately, but I'd love to see what you have been up to!
But first, some featured sewing projects.

Dresses this week!

Around The World In 80 Days Dress and necklace by Welcome to The Mouse House.
Lula maxidress from Stitch It Up.

Sleeveless Lady Skater from Siestas & Sewing.
Thirty something Birthday dress from House of Pinheiro


  1. Oh wow what a trip! You are a really good story teller by the way ;-) Miss you!

  2. Omg, what a trip! We are heading out on vacation in a week or so too. Hopefully our trip will not be quite as exciting as yours...

  3. Wow, your trip sounds insane! That's a lot of crazy stuff! I'm glad there were more pleasant parts as well.

  4. Sounds like quite a trip! Thanks for featuring my Lady Skater dress.:)

  5. 20 YEARS! WOW!! Congratulations! and what a trip! thanks for the links to the other bloggers, and you and your husband are REALLY lucky to have a land on the beach, most of our beaches are portected by the law and is not easy to have a land, well, in fact, I don't know why BUT is easier to buy land if you are NOT mexican :(

  6. Oh my gosh...what a time you had in Mexico! I'm so pleased that none of the mishaps ended up being as serious as they could have been and I hope there were moments of bliss between them! Congrats on the 20yr amazing!!!

  7. Thanks for featuring my dress, but wowzers… your trip sounds insane!~ I am so glad that you made it back okay!


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