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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Manly Apron For My Dad

This was a project I made for my dad for Father's Day but it's a great and easy apron to make for any time. Especially summer time barbecues.
And its not fussy or corny.

My dad loves to grill.
I love my dad!
He and his wife Rita, my stepmom, are so much fun.
To read a post about how cool my dad is you can click here. There are some great photos of him growing up in New York City and even one of me as a grubby little 70's kid.
Busy pretending to read Rachel Ray....

It was a great Father's Day!
Would you like to make someone in your life a Manly Apron
This apron was super simple to make. I used a free printable you can find here on Lovely Indeed, and then opened it up with my Silhouette cutter software and fed some freezer paper through the cutter, using a number one size blade because the freezer paper is very thin.
I bought a basic apron sent from Fashion Art Projects so I didn't have to do any sewing which was great! Because I started the apron on Father's day morning and needed it by the afternoon.
I ironed on the freezer paper to the apron and used black paint to paint the stencil.
My dad loves his apron!

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