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Monday, July 1, 2013

Linen Shorts And A LIberty Tank For Me McCall's 6756

 I made some shorts from some pretty linen cotton blend shirting and a matching top from some Liberty of London fabric I bought at Micheal Levine. 
This outfit isn't part of my Sewing The Trends Series but I had a no show today so what the heck, I thought I would put it out  there.
BUT I guess it can qualify since mixing patterns is one of the trends this season. Just check out Shannon's post from yesterday!

 Tucked in.
Mccall's 6756
I used Mccall's 6765 for the shorts. I really liked this pattern and it's a pretty simple sew. I used the slash pockets from the blue shorts but in the shorter style. Obviously. These are pretty short.
This pattern had very little ease. I normally cut a size smaller in commercial patterns but after looking at this pattern decided to cut the recommended size 12. And am I glad I did. These just barely fit! I had to take out the center seam until there was inly about 1/4 inch seam allowance. 
 I added a little piping to the pockets. I LOVE this fabric! You can find the Liberty on sale here. Liberty almost never goes on sale, plus you can use the 10 percent off code from my sidebar.
 This was all the fabric I had left after making Gigi's dress awhile back..... I had to use bias binding for the hem which is too short because well, I ran out of fabric.
If you shop at Joann's you might recognize that necklace from the Tori Spelling Mix & Match components jewelry collection there. It's a neat idea. I've been trying to wear more jewelry. It finishes off an outfit.
Now we can be twins! Except my kid won't wear this dress. Or any dress for that matter. Maybe I can save it for the grandkids someday.

I used the above vintage Butterick pattern for my top. It's from the late sixties/early seventies and a great basic. I cut a size 12. I didn't have enough fabric to make it as long as the pattern and had to use bias tape for the hem which actually matches the shorts and looks planned.
McCall's 6756 shorts Liberty of London top
I think I look like I'm ready to go to Palm Beach!
I did have some issues with the center seam of the shorts. They were riding up and I had to let out the center back seam almost completely. There is only about an 1/8 inch seam allowance left!
These shorts were a lot of work. In fact I was at the Gap Outlet today buying some things for my vacation to Mexico and I found a similar pair of shorts that had been marked all the way down to six dollars. SIX DOLLARS?
It's stuff like that that seriously makes me question question why I bother to sew my own clothes at all when I can just buy them so cheaply at the outlets nearby.
But there is something that is just so satisfying about cutting the fabric, and spending the time learning all the details to get a project just right.
It's like cooking. Sure, I never have to learn how to cook because I can always just go out and eat but there is nothing like a home cooked meal right? Just because I can go to a fast food place and feed my family for less than it would cost for me to make it myself doesn't mean I'm never going to cook again.
How about you?
Do you feel sewing is similar to cooking in that we don't actually ever HAVE to learn how? Maybe someday sewing will make a comeback like cooking. Cooking shows and magazines  have introduced Americans to the joy of cooking great food in the last generation. I would have to say America has really become a foodie nation in the last generation, compared to the old way it was when I was growing up, with canned foods, frozen vegetables and TV dinners.
I'm crossing my fingers....
But most people I know in my day to day life never sew.

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  1. Hw can you be a size 12 in those it Italian sizes or....I mean if you are 12 then I am like size 25 or something ;-)

    I don't think sewing will ever get as big as cooking....but a little bit of a comeback for sure ;-)

  2. Hi Mie,
    The big 4 patterns still use the old size system we had in the US before the 70's. it's sort of weird , especially for new seamstresses . That's why you always have to read the measurement charts. If you shop for vintage clothes you will see the sizes are so much bigger.
    I think you are around the same dress size as me? But you look thinner because of your height of

  3. these look so fabulous on you Justine - love them!

  4. I'm wishing I had bought that shorts pattern now!! Looks fantastic.

  5. What a great outfit! And I have to do what I call the "full booty adjustment" any time I make shorts from a commercial pattern it seems.

  6. U amaze me! That body after pumpin' out 4 kids!!! Va va va voom."Hmmm...I think I'll whip up a new shorts outfit today" e voila!!!

  7. These look awesome! I love the shorts and love the top. One of my goals for July is to sew through my pile of vintage patterns!

  8. Very pretty outfit! I have a linen fabric , so, during the last week I've been searchig for a nice pattern because I want to do pants ; where to Mexico is goint to be your vacation? I guess you will go to Cancun, right? About the sewing/cooking, I guess it won't be like that, I mean, if not everywomen cook, less they won't sew! my friends always tell me why do i sew if I can buy the graments, because as you say, sometimes it is more expensive to sew our own clothes than buy them, BUT, I always amswer them that I LOVE to sew and it relaxes me, besides I feel proud (sometimes) that I made the clothes

  9. What adorable shorts/top.. Looks so pretty on you.. Hope you have fun in Mexico.. sounds fun..
    I too ,sometimes wonder...why sew ? But. it is so fun , to pick the fabric, and make
    just what you want..ha I wish sewing would come back too. I would love to have a sewing friend nearby to sew with..
    Happy sewing.

  10. Elizabeth and I are always taking about a sewing Renaissance...let's make it happen!

    (As I type while eating some fried rice that took me twice as long to prepare as it would have to drive somewhere and buy take out...but who cares?!?)

    You are a kindred spirit Justine.

  11. What a lovely outfit Justine :) I think there is something very special about being able to make things for yourself or your loved ones. Cheap clothes is just that - cheap clothes. A handmade item is sooo special :) I am yet to make something for myself, but I have been sewing for my daughter like mad!

  12. The outfit looks great, so nice and summery. I love looking at the pattern pieces, cutting out the fabric, putting things together. I do hope more people would sew. It really is about being creative and putting your own spin on things.

  13. I love this! So summery and lovely.

    I think a lot about buying versus making but at this point I can't justify not making my own clothing, especially when I know what fast fashion does to the environment and the socio-economic toll it takes on the 3rd world. Knowing how things are made gives me more appreciation for them, like a fine meal or a piece of art or a hand-made desk.

  14. The food we make is always better for us because we can decide what ingredients to use. I leave out the added sodium and fat. I feel that sewing my own clothes may be more expensive, but I value them more and can make decisions about the fabric, cut, and style. The garments you post are much more beautiful than anything I ever see in the stores.

  15. Fantastic outfit! Totally impressive. :)

  16. Lovely outfit! The shorts have such a great fit. Those are such perfect colors for summer and I love the way that you paired a striped material with a floral material. I also really like the piping on your shorts.


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