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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Painted & Vintage Wallpaper Mod Podged Wood Cubbies

A little white paint and some vintage wallpaper took my cubbies from ho hum to happy!
Recently I wrote a post about how I got a new decorating book called Homespun Style and how I was inspired to add more color and more handmade punch to my home decor. 
I have been trying to fix up the house and have these old wooden cubbies that the homeowner before us left behind. About twelve in all of from the Pottery Barn. These wooden cubbies are great for storage, especially in kids' and craft rooms, but the brown stain on them was not doing anything for me, or Lily who has had them in her room for a few years now.

 I have been meaning to paint them for quite awhile....actually since I inherited them!
I don't know why I put this off for so long as it was really easy to do.

I used my electric sander to rough up the finish, then painted the units with two coats of Glass Of Milk paint by Martha Stewart.

I had some vintage wallpaper samples I bought on E Bay that were just perfect to apply to these cubbies.
I glued them on with Mod Podge and brushed a coat of it on top to seal the wallpaper.
I love it!

Well.... Operation Homespun Chic is well underway and I will be posting projects as I go!

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  1. Love,loving the book.. The chubbies are adorable.. Can't wait for the next project. Have fun.

  2. These are going to be not only fun to upcycle but to organize and beautify with as well. Wish I had some!

  3. It's lovely. It's great to give something old a new lease of life, otherwise it might end up in the skip.

  4. Awesome fix...I love vintage wall's so fun!

  5. Great idea. I especially love the colors on the bottom left shelf.

  6. LOVE this! The prints on those papers are so cheery and happy. Just popping in from TT&J :)

  7. What a great project! My daughter did something similar several years ago to dress up an old bookshelf. She used fabric. A person can never have enough shelves or in this case cubbies.


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