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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My First Embroidery!

I copied these designs from Molly Makes Magazine.  
This is my first attempt at embroidery!
I looked at the designs and drew them on my fabric with a water soluble fabric pen.

This is the perfect craft to do while I am watching my almost three year old outside in the garden. She often plays for hours and although I try to play with her, I end up sitting on an old wicker chair, watching her.

I feel like a mother from the old days when I embroider.
I like to pretend it's the 1930's.
All I need is an old vintage apron on and I am good to go!

I have no idea what to do with these embroideries which are on a linen square. Maybe a pillow...

I always thought of embroidery as being something too time consuming to get into. I think I could have made two dresses in the time it took to make these, but there is something so calming about embroidering. It seems it is a good time to meditate on things or pray.
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  1. So cute! I have been wanting to embroider a few things but don't know where to start. Maybe you could spray baste them to small canvas's and hang them.

  2. I love it. I just made my 1st embroider few months ago too.. its such a fun and gratifying activity !

  3. I love embroidery! The little bird is super sweet.

  4. So, so cute! I definitely want to learn to embroider, as I have far fetched dreams of making a winter coat and then embroidering my initials as a tag of sorts on the inside. :]

  5. Love it! This is something that I would like to do...someday...

  6. Those are cute, and now you're hooked! I like embroidery but like you, don't really USE the pieces. I need to add them to clothing. I was thinking pockets, corners, collars etc.

  7. These are lovely, Justine!!! Love the bear!!!

  8. Also love the bear! I agree with Mary, pockets, collars..even the hemline on a skirt would look very cute.

  9. They are very cute. I was just typing to say use them as pockets but realised Mary and OakRose Mama already beat me to it! Great minds think alike. I also like to use embroidered pieces to make coasters as a quick gift for friends. Add a scented candle and you are good to go!

  10. Are these all on the same square or on separate squares? If on the same, you could use it in the middle of a wall quilt. If they are on separate squares, you can make a frame around them with fabric of your choice and then sew them together to make a different Wall Quilt. Whatever it is that you do, I know it will be beautiful. You did a good job. My first attempt at crafting was embroidery. =) I used coloring books for the patterns.

  11. They are all very cute! I've actually embroider on pockets and hemlines in the past. It can be a very nice addition to an outfit. The time consuming nature of embroidery is the reason that I've never been able to do very much of it. However, occasionally it's a nice way to keep your hands busy while watching a movie, or something.

  12. Adorable! I want to learn how to embroider! It can be the perfect personal touch to add to so many things!

  13. These are really sweet, Justine, they would be so cute in a little patchwork quilt or start a 'Hoop Wall' just frame them in embroidery hoops and hang them up... I feel exactly the same way about embroidery, a good audiobook or my fav movie in the background and I am in heaven! :)

    PS I'm glad I found this blog, beautiful!


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