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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mod Podge a Birdhouse! Spring Crafts With Kids:

My Birdhouse
Decorated and decoupaged bird houses are an easy and fun craft to do with my kids in springtime. We have lots of birds in the yard and they often use the birdhouses. 
I made my birdhouse by cutting little strips of fabric and gluing them down with Mod Podge. When they dried we painted a couple of coats of the Mod Podge on to seal the birdhouses.
You could also paint some polyurethane on the houses to make them really weather resistant.
I want to be a bird so I can live in one!

Lily's birdhouse
Lily made her house from some Amy Butler scrapbook paper we bought for 3.99$ at TJMAXX.
Hers looks very modern! 

Gigi's birdhouse
Gigi went freestyle on her little birdhouse. After meticulously painting it over and over she tore up some pieces of the paper and glued them down. She was very happy with the result!

If you don't want to hang up the birdhouses they make a cute outdoor table decoration.

These birdhouses were 3.99$ at the craft store.

Yikes, those are my Japanese tailor shears!

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  1. Justine, everyone seems to have really enjoyed this project! I'm going to pin a picture to remind myself to try this also. They are so cute!

    I will miss sharing on Sat 8again* this weekend as I am meeting up with a girlfriend. But I have 2 great sewing projects to brag about in the future.

  2. Mod Podge yeah. Those bird houses are very cute. I have thought of using cloth to cover something, like separate drawers in a dresser. Humm

  3. Nice job, ladies. If I were a bird, I would stand on the edge of that plate and turn my head to the left and right, hesitating, which house to move in. :o)

  4. The birdhouses are wonderful. I love that each of you did your own thing. I also noted the coffee cup amid all the craft stuff. Oh, I can relate! I always have to have a coffee nearby too!


  5. Justine! This is the perfect little project with kiddos and your photos are beautiful. Those little bird houses are so sweet -just like their creators!

    <3 Christina

  6. What a wonderful craft! So pretty! Is the ModPodge waterproof, or did you add a shellac to keep it sealed?

  7. Super cute! My girl would love this kind of project!

  8. Oh, that's really CUTE!!!! I wonder if ModPodge would work with paper against a glass surface? Not sure, but these bird houses are super adorable!!! Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  9. Looks like your children are having a ball. Their birdhouse are so cute.


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