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Monday, May 21, 2012

Early 20th Century Circus Costumes: Research For A Play

I work sporadically for a local theatre which has been in operation for many years. We have some very talented people invloved and the actors ( at least the ones I have spoken to,) don't mind the hour plus drive to Santa Paula from Los Angeles because our little theatre here puts on quality shows.

I haven't blogged about my job as a costume designer at the theatre before and I thought some of you readers might be interested in what goes into putting up a show. I will be working hard for the next month on this project so if you are interested stick around to see my progress.
The play is called
The Elephant's Graveyard.
The tragic tale of a struggling circus in a small town in Tennessee in 1916.

I am sharing some of my photos from research I have done from my Circus History Pinterest board.

Enjoy these historic photos!

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  1. awesome. all of it. can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. These photos are amaaaaazing!!! I love that melancholy clown (5th from the bottom) and the last 3 and really all of them. So fantastic!!

  3. Really amazing! I love the clowns!It will be great to see what colours and silhouettes you decide upon. What a lot of work but I bet it will be well-worth it.

  4. Oh, I think those costumes will look fantastic once you've got them all sewn up. There's something about early clothing styles from the 1940s and earlier that I really love, lots of great detail :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  5. Those pictures are just fabulous! How fit and trim those acrobats are! I hope you share your finished designs.

  6. Very interesting historical costumes
    Probably inspiring design of today

  7. I must commend the excellent collection of vintage photography displayed here by Justine. Keep up the good work and let us--the classic lovers keep hooked to this site. I shall be anxiously waiting for more addition to these lovely pictures. Although the theme is restricted to circus costumes only, but definitely goes to show the depth of overall fashion in the early 19th century.


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