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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Dress : Finished !

 I finally finished Maria's dress. I didn't get any photos of her in it but it does looks beautiful on her. I'll have to wait for the wedding pictures. 

I added horsehair braid to the hem of the lace to make it more crisp. Everything that was made on this dress was learned either from an article, class , or tutorial online. I had no idea how to make this when I told Maria I would do it. To see my tutorials 
I used go to my tutorial page on my sidebar and click
"wedding dress tutorials"

Sleeve lace applique with hand beading.

Randomly pleated sash with bodice overlay. I added some more pearl beads to the bodice scallops after I took this photo.

The applique lace on the sweetheart neckline. I like the little fringe on the edge. you can never know the hours I spent worrying how to do the lining on this bodice!

The back with the train down. There is a lapped zipper under the fully functioning button and loop closing for extra security. I hope to God the zipper or buttons stay on all day! There will be a low bustle which I still have to finish sewing in but first I have to search the internet on how to do it.
it was a huge amount of work but you never know what you are capable of until you try , do you? I was so afraid it would be a disaster because I didn't think I could sew something like this. Thanks for giving me the opportunity Maria and 
I know you and Matthew will have a great life together!
I guess I pulled it off!
On to the next project.....


  1. It's breath taking! Just beautiful. I am in awe that a garment can be sewn together and look so professional like this one. She must be so thrilled.

  2. WOW simply gorgeous as Vintage Girl said it looks so so professional.

  3. This is the most beautiful dress! Absolutely amazing!

  4. Gorgeous dress!! The bride must be ecstatic to have such a lovely dress for her special day. :] Can't wait to see what you make next.

  5. It came out beautiful. Very professional looking. You did a fabulous job. Thank you for taking us along with you during the making of this dress.

  6. Stunning lace work! It's very delicate and chic, like a beautiful white rose.

    So proud of you! Maria must be thrilled to have a special "one of a kind" dress made just for her.

  7. Wow! How absolutely beautiful and feminine that gown is. I love it! You must be so proud, and the bride will feel amazing wearing it! Congratulations to both of you :) What an accomplishment!

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments. It means a lot to me!

  9. This an amazing dress the trsain is just divine :-)

  10. Beautiful!!! Love all the lace and the sash pleats are very nice.

  11. Beautiful dress- and beautifully made! I used to make wedding dresses years ago too - loads of work but such a sense of accomplishment once done. A huge plus is seeing the bride in the dress and a smile on her face!

  12. Beautiful! What attention to detail! I'm thinking of making a similar dress for my wedding so thank you for for taking us through the process. It sounds exhausting but your final product is stunning! She must have been a very happy bride!
    (found via pattern review)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hey! Sorry I deleted that other one (my husband must have been logged in so it said that "Jeff" left the comment!)
    I can not believe that you made this dress! You are talented girl!! It is beautiful!

    I saw that you linked this up to the So You Think You Can Sew competition so now you have 2 entries. You will have to decide which on to delete- Sorry! I have to keep it fair to everyone that has entered already:)

    xoxo, Ashley

  15. This is simply gorgeous!!!! She is going to be one beautiful bride!


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