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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Womens 1950s Retro Dress or Jumper Pattern 3673 Simplicity

Fighting over the soon to be heiress.

Escaping amorous advances

Yours truly on the far left

All is well that ends well.
                        Womens 1950s Retro Dress or Jumper Pattern 3673 Simplicity

I had to share some photos of a play I  was working on at the Santa Paula Theatre Center. It's called Leading Ladies by the playwright Ken Ludwig. A bit like Some Like It Hot. I made three dresses for one of two male characters who have to dress as  women to receive the fortune of an elderly woman who thinks they are her long lost nieces. One of the dresses was a gold lace number. It was probably not the best choice of fabric since the character gets chased around the stage by an amorous suitor who doesn't know he's a man! I've had to mend two holes in it and the play has only been open a week. Live and learn. The play is set in 1958 so we used some reprint patterns and some actual vintage patterns which I no longer have  photos of because I gave the patterns back to the other costume designer working on the play. I used the photo in the middle of the pattern envelope for the gold dress pictured and I added sleeves to hide his hairy arms. The fourth photo is the end of the play when they reveal their true identities to their lady loves.

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