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Thursday, November 4, 2010

All Saints Day

I thought I would share a lovely tradition at my childrens' Catholic School. Every year the day after Halloween is All Saints Day , a day in the  Church in which those men and women who have selflessly lived their lives for doing good for God and the people around them are remembered. The children get to study the saint who interests them, then they put together costumes of  and learn a speech about them. Needless to say some of these saints lives' have ended in horrible gruesome deaths and there is something macabre about a seven year old describing the untimely death or torture of the Saint or Martyr they have chosen. Note the bloody Saint Stephen below. It is always educational and I always learn about a new saint or two. My seven year old is Saint Elizabeth of Hungary in the green dress below. She was a 12th Century noblewoman who became a widow and gave all she had to the poor and is the patron saint of hospitals. It was a fun costume to make. I got some glittery green tulle for a dollar a yard in downtown LA and went from there. I have no idea why the whole outfit ended up being bright green but it works!

Can you guess who he is ?

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