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Friday, April 19, 2013

Fat quarter curtain panels for a vintage girls room

I have been taking some time off from sewing for myself and the girls to get to some long stalled home sewing projects. Sewing for the home is such a breeze after making complicated clothing...
I had a set of fat quarters lying around from the Japanese Designer Lecien's line called Flower Sugar. I had just enough to sew them together to make some simple unpleated panels for Lily's bedroom. The bunting is a project I made awhile back.
fat quarter curtain panels
To make these simple panels you only need to sew together the fat quarters, hem the sides and bottom, hem the top with a hem long  enough to create a little pocket for your drapery pole and you are good to go! Now I'd love to show you around Lily's vintage little girls room!

I painted the old dresser and bed set myself. The stool too. The bedspread is an antique I bought in France.

These cubbies were a brown color. I sanded them, painted them white, and pasted wallpaper to the backs to give them a pop of color!
Lily has a collection of vintage Madama Alexander dolls she buys at flea markets. These two are supposed to be from The Sound Of Music and are from the sixties.
Some more of Lily's vintage dolls. An indian maiden, A Mad Men Barbie, another Madame Alexander ballerina and an old wind up metal doll .
This is a dress I made for her big sister Isabelle when she was little. Gigi wears it now. The third one to wear it!
A paint by number my mother made when she was little.

vintage breyer horses
A portion of Lily's vintage Breyer horse collection. We have been buying these at flea markets since she was three. We have never paid more than fifteen dollars for one.
A budget chandelier.
Lily's Chatty Kathy doll. She was so thrilled to find this was the same doll on the box of her vintage sewing machine!
I love this wall hanging of children praying.

Have a great weekend!
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  1. Her bedroom is gorgeous! The curtains are a perfect match for the vintage look Lily's room has.:)

    I've been taking a break too from clothes sewing too. Too many DIY home projects that have been neglected this past year...

  2. Love those curtains! I'm pregnant now, hopefully it's a girl (although even if it is, she has to share her room with her big brother). I want to try FQ curtains now!

  3. I love how you put everything together, some people just have a knack for that. Her bedroom looks nice. I've also taken a break from sewing for myself, funny how that goes in cycles.
    Happy sewing!

  4. Love, love the curtains.. Just perfect for Lily's bedroom.. Love all her dolls and collections..
    You did a great job painting her bed, dresser ,etc.. So pretty and fun.
    Happy home sewing.

  5. oh i love those curtains...what a fun idea!

  6. What a lovely bedroom! Love the colours you chose to paint the bed-dresser-stool set. And that chandelier? I want one!
    Thank you for the curtains idea!

  7. OMG...I am totally in love with these! I've been putting off my daughter's curtains because I'd yet to find the perfect idea. These are IT! Thank you for the awesome pics! Love this idea! I'd love for you to come link this up at The Weekly Creative- a party I co-host with The Girl Creative!

    Reasons To Skip The Housework

  8. What a perfectly pretty, lovely room for your daughter. The curtains are absolutely charming. Oh, but what also caught my eye, was her 'vintage' Breyer horse collection. When I was a young girl/teen I collected Breyer horses and still have every single one I've ever purchased. They are so precious.... to me. Love the way you chose to display her collection. You are so creative!

  9. Oh goodness what a beautiful room! I would LOVE to come visit you one day and just frolic around ^_^


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