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Friday, June 1, 2012

Sew & Tell Saturday June 2, 2012

Welcome to Sew & Tell Saturday!

You are probably wondering if you landed at the wrong page since my blog design has changed ! Things around here were getting pretty cluttered and when it got to the point where I was getting confused by my own layout I decide to call in some big guns to help me. 

I worked with Jacquelinne from Smitten Blog Designs for about two weeks on the new design . I was worried that if I hired a professional designer that the blog wouldn't look like "me" anymore, but Jacquelinne actually helped me keep my style but made things way more organized. 

My blog was starting to look like my back room where I throw everything! And my car. Those of you who drive kids around all day will know how disastrous our cars can get...

Today I started a Flickr group for sewists who like to sew vintage patterns for kids. If you have ever made anything from kids vintage patterns I hope you will join my Flickr Sewing Vintage Patterns For Kids Group! I have had a hard time finding people who share my hobby of hoarding sewing vintage patterns for their kids, and I am looking forward to meeting other wierdos sewists who share my passion!

And while I have you here as a captive audience, you might as well stop by my Indygo Junction Pattern Giveaway, open until Tuesday! I will be giving away a new, donated Indygo Junction sewing pattern every week. I won a lifetime supply in the Vintage Modern Sewing Challenge. Well, maybe not a lifetime, but quite a few which I am sharing with you!
This weeks giveaway pattern.

So onto our featured projects from last week.

This fringe wiggle skirt from Elisalex at Stitch Me Softly is a real showstopper! And can I please have those green shoes ? 

This butterfly jumper made by Jess at A Couple Of Craft Addicts is just lovely. Such attention to detail. I love the polka dots peeking out from the eyelet skirt.

I love this colorful version of the Emmaline bag pattern sewn by Veronica at Sew Very. I am hoping to sew this pattern too, as soon as my theatre costuming job winds down.


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  1. Hi! My girls are 28 (single) and 25 (married) now, but I LOVE vintage patterns for any size. I NEED to blog about the two outfits I've been working on for ONLY Dix months or so... Vintage little girls' dresses-- one's a dimple jumper actually.

    I hope to be a more faithful contributor! Honest! But I so enjoy seeing everyone's creations... including your own!

    The blog looks great! I need HELP with mine here in the Philippines!

  2. Love the makeover! I looks great!

  3. Your blog does look great! Thanks for featuring my Emmaline Bag. Can't wait to see yours! I'm getting started on another one of Janelle's bags next week. I'll link it up too when it is finished.


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