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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lisette "Sailor Pant" Simplicity 2245, Gigi's Birthday

I have gained 8 pounds the last few months and I am now 7 pounds over my "I'd better get myself to the gym before things get out of hand" weight .

None of the dresses I have sewn myself fit right anymore. Yikes!

That's the thing about sewing for myself. I make everything so fitted that if I gain just a little weight all my darts and pleats and fit get thrown off. Sure there are seam allowances that I could let out but I don't want to go there!

 A friend has put me on an eating plan. Although I have been working out, the truth is you can work out all you want but if you aren't eating well it is so easy to consume that 700 calories you just worked off. I call it toddler mom syndrome. You just have a few bites of your kids Happy Meal and next thing you know you have eaten 3/4 of it!

Hopefully I can get things together soon and get back in my dresses with my new eating plan. In the meanwhile I sewed up this top and pants.
  The pants are by Lisette and are available from Simplicity 2245. I got it at Joann during their 99 cent Simplicity sale. They reminded me of the Colette Clover pattern which I wanted to try so I bought the pattern. I did end up making this pattern about two sizes smaller than the size recommended for my measurements,14. So keep that in mind before you try this pattern. These pants should be easy to take in.
I love the little button tabs on the pants. They go with my nautical theme this season. That's my "thin" pose. Just cross your leg over the other and hold your tummy in!

The top was self drafted and very quick to make. I did make the waistband a little too tight because I was rushing through it.

 If you don't want to sew for yourself because you aren't at the weight you want to be I would recommend you do it anyway. If you keep your garments unlined they aren't that difficult to take in. You could also make knit fabric items which withstand weight fluctuations. The mood lift you will get from making yourself something cute is so worth the work of altering the garment later.
 Pencil skirts, simple straight pants and simple sheath type dresses are all pretty straightforward to alter.

 In" lighter" news we celebrated Gigi's third birthday on Sunday! We had a simple cake party in the afternoon attended by my dad, my stepmom, my father in law, my mom, the kids, and our favorite next door neighbor. After having a party with 70 people last week for Oliver's graduation, I needed to keep things low key. Gigi had a great time opening her presents and eating her cake!

Contemplating her birthday cake!
Gigi with my mom and her big brother Oliver, and the birthday banner behind.
I got out the old homemade Happy Birthday Banner and hung it up in the backyard.

Old fashioned fun. 
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  1. I love the boatneck on your is such a pretty neckline!

  2. Love your outfit, and those red and white striped shoes are adorable! Oh, I can definitely empathize with you on the weight gain, too!

  3. You look beautiful, Justine (as always)! Maybe someday I will take the time to learn to sew. I love to read your postings and see little bits of your family. Happy Birthday to Gigi! Low-key birthdays are my favorite--especially outdoor ones! I love the fabric pattern on your table, old-fashioned floral prints are my favorite followed close behind by checks.

    1. Thank you Jaime! We are hoping to come up and see you all before you go to Africa.

    2. We'd love to see you!! We just put our house up for sale last night, we don't have a set date yet as to when we will be leaving, if our house doesn't sell we may never go. I'll keep you updated, things could change fast, we're kind of living in limbo at the moment!

  4. I love your outfit! How cute is that top? And the sailor pants are too cute! You know, I agree with what you are saying about sewing for yourself even if you aren't at your idea weight. I've gained weight this past year (ugh) and I've been putting off sewing something for me. I recently jumped in and sewed a little dress for myself and I was so thrilled with wearing something that I made, it made the sting of measuring myself not so bad. :) Your outfit is so fabulous! I love it!!

    1. I would love to what you made Amy! Your outfits you make your little girl are so cute, I'm sure what you make yourself must be too.

  5. What a fantastically chic outfit, I love it! And as always you look so slim and lovely, I honestly can't see that you've put on a single pound. But I guess it's how you feel and how your clothes fit that are important, but I'm sure you'll get back to your ideal weight soon!

    Personally, I've struggled for years with my weight and I totally agree that it's all about the food - I've always exercised, but it does nothing unless you eat less. About a month ago I forked out the money for one of those diet services that deliver your food and I couldn't be happier with the results. The food isn't great (I cook way better), but it's fine and it's really helped to shrink my appetite. I have one more month to go and fingers crossed I'll be able to carry on in a similar way afterwards ;o)

  6. Happy Birthday Gi Gi. Sigh, don't they grow up way too fast?
    Mummy eating, when you need that extra energy and eat a tim tam or 2 or 3!!! You still look fabulous!!

  7. I love your outfit! I literally had to go type in the pants pattern number that you listed to look them up immediately. So cute! I need to try those out. And I know what you mean about sewing regardless of your weight goals. It really does help to lighten the mood. But I think you look great!

  8. Your outfit turned out great. I've been wanting to sew for myself for some time, but through a pregnancy and the time following I've kept putting it off waiting for my weight to get back to normal, but I'm still not where I want to be. So I finally decided to just get to it and made a skirt last week. So many sewists talk about their early garments they don't wear anymore because they sew so much better, so I figure I should just practice and enjoy the garment while I can. There will always be more things to make, and I *could* alter them later as you say.

  9. Oh man I feel your pain, I have gained about 10 pounds in the last three months and also cannot wear a number of my handmade clothes :( I am feeling that it is time to get back on track so good luck to both of us!

  10. What does the back look like?

  11. Great outfit! :) What a great fit with the pants! I am actually sewing for myself b/c my clothes don't fit as well anymore, and not necessarily in a good way. I also have mom toddler syndrome. HA.


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