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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sewing For Me: Denim Military Style Jacket. Burda 7994

I had no idea starting a blog to post about things I make would create so many new interests for me. Like photography. Today I ordered my first DLSR camera, a Nikon 5100 . I have been reading a lot about photography lately.There is so, so much to learn! A few blogs that have creative and inspiring photography I love are Mena's photos of her projects on The Sew Weekly, Kathleens photos at Grosgrain Fabulous,  The Pioneer Woman, and Miss Mustard Seed . They also have some great articles on photography.
When I first started this blog in 2010 I was using a point and shoot camera that my teen daughter broke at the beach. Since then I have been using a Canon G12, a great everyday camera that can be adjusted manually, but just doesn't have the great lens quality of a DLSR camera. You can't get any Bokeh effects on it and I love Bokeh. Bokeh is a Japanese term for a photo were the subject is in focus but there is a nice soft blur on the background. It's so beautiful and professional looking.
Now even if I do get amazing at taking photos there still is the problem of "Who is going to take a great photo of me when I want to show off something I made?" 
My dad took this shot. I wasn't happy with most of them even though he is great photographer. Let's face it, I'm not in my twenties or even thirties anymore like most " Blogistas" out there, and I'm very self critical. Especially since I have gone up a size since weaning Gigi and eating too much over the holidays. It's not so easy to lose weight anymore and I have to practically kill myself to lose like, two pounds. But I won't take photos of my things on a dress form. I made the clothes for me and not my dress form and I love an excuse to get dolled up. Photos are kind of funny because most of the time I won't like the photo but then when I revisit the same photo a year or more later I think "Hey I looked pretty good! Why did I hate this picture?"
I probably sound like a vain idiot right now. Can I blame that on growing up in Hollywood?
I had already cut this fabric when I read about the buttons challenge at Sew Weekly. I was considering not making this version because I was afraid I would mess up my buttonholes yet again but I soldiered on
I'm quite happy with how it turned out.
I used some denim fabric I bought in downtown LA for two dollars a yard. It had a tag on it from Not Your daughters Jeans. A lot of manufacturers donate their fabric and I have found some really unique designer fabrics down there! But Not Your Daughters Jeans? Ha! My own daughter and I joke about me buying a pair of those. I did buy a pair once on sale and they somehow looked very dorky on me!

It has a seventies vibe to it and I decided to go a little crazy with the topstitching to add to that seventies feel. 
It was very hard to do the double stitched seams and I messed up a little. I probably should have used a twin needle for this.
Although I made a muslin there were several fitting issues I had to deal with that I missed in the muslin. My shoulders were a lot more narrow than the pattern and I had to cut some length off the shoulders and reattach the sleeves. I also lengthened the center front princess panel for a larger bust and then I took in the sleeves and the sides a little too.
This is my first jacket!
Even though I went to design school like a million years ago, I was a terrible student and an even worse sewer! We never did learn how to make a coat . We draped a muslin of one but that is all I remember. I spent too much time going out dancing like a lot of young girls.
I used Burda 7994 "The Steffi Coat."
The Steffi coat  is downloadable here on Burdastyle but I used the store bought version of the pattern which has the big lapeled version I made. The downloadable version on Burdastyle only has the straight buttoned up, no color variation.

I bought these buttons at a rummage sale. If you look at my blog header you will see I also used them on the corners.
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  1. I love the jacket, and the buttons! You are beautiful... I have no idea what you don't like about your picture. I would be thrilled to be as slender as you.

  2. You look so smart n chic in this jacket, very nice for a first! Those are great looking pictures

  3. You look so smart n chic in this jacket, very nice for a first! Those are great looking pictures

  4. You look fantastic! I love the jacket too. I am about to invest ina camera as I have only been using my phone ane and I would like a nice photo that is more clear.

  5. yes, hollywood is all up in your head because you look kick ass, girl. seriously. and that jacket makes me drool!

  6. Don't most of us revisit photos of ourselves later and wonder why we disliked them so much? I think it's a chromosone thing in women, lol. I love the Jacket, you did a beautiful job! Have you tried playing with a photo-editing program for your focus/unfocused look? It can be done using layers, if you go to she may have some helpful tips on which free sites there are. I find youtube helpful for tutorials as a I a novice but falling in love fast!

  7. The jacket looks great! I love that you used vintage buttons on's a great detail.

  8. That is a wonderful jacket on you and I am totally envious of the new camera. I have a really nice point and shoot (Canon Power-Shot SX230HS)but am dreaming of something more, bigger, better. As for being self critical, as we say in this house...Stop that! It's a habit. At 57, I am happy with my looks and content to let other women shine brighter at times. It truly is a journey of acceptance.

  9. Fabulous jacket and the buttons are awesome. The scarf polishes the whole outfit, lovely.

    Funny you should mention it, but I do use a dress form to model the clothes I make, because they look so much better on her in photos than on me. But, like you said, maybe I don't look all that bad ;). I think I'll practice taking more photos of me and see if I can get to the point of liking them enough to post.

  10. Great jacket, and I LOVE your buttons!

  11. Wow after rereading this post I sound so whiny! I guess i am premenstrual! Yup, i always get this way . Hope I didn't drive anyone away.

  12. No one will look as closely at the double stitching as you do. Jacket looks great. I also graduated from FIDM, (textile design so no sewing) and love shopping in the garment district downtown.
    Always am up for company since most of my friends don't sew.

  13. Beautiful jacket, clever girl. I've taken a little look at Burda style. I have used Burda a lot earlier on in my sewing years.

    Thank you for sharing.

  14. Beautiful jacket! And enjoy that new camera. It is amazing how blogging spurs a greater range of creative pursuits! Thanks so much for sharing at the Kiss & Tell party over at I Gotta Create!

  15. I love the idea of buttons on the lapels! Cute jacket, and you look just fine! I think even bloggers in their 20s get super critical of their own pictures ;)

  16. This jacket is wonderful! I love the cut of it, the buttons on the collar and the pockets. It's the perfect denim jacket! And thanks for writing about age, size & vanity. I'm not a slim 20-30 something blogger, either, and fitting has its challenges as I get older. But it was encouraging to read your post. Keep it up! For what it's worth, I think you look chic and elegant!

  17. Looks great, I like the 70s topstitching.

  18. This is a great looking jacket. I love the vintage red buttons for an accent on the lapel. Have fun with your new camera!

  19. Justine, what a great style! It fits beautifully & looks as if it will be really useful.

  20. Beautiful jacket!You look fantastic! I love the Wholesale Denim jacket too.


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