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Monday, January 16, 2012

Gigi's Orange Juice Dress: Another Sweater Refashion

 Pantone has declared Tangerine to be the official color of 2012. Not being shy to jump on any bandwagon, I pulled out an old sweater I had in my stash. It had already been shrunken when I bought it at the thrift shop for a dollar and it was perfect for another quick and easy toddler dress refashion!
 Gigi loves to go out back and explore in the orange groves and I love to follow her around and moon over how cute she is. I'm quite sure that she is my last baby and there is something wistful about watching your youngest grow up. You just want to sort of freeze them in time. In a moment of pure joy just like this! Gigi isn't a big smiler so I was so excited to get this shot!
 The little gnome like headscarf was made from the scraps from the turtleneck of the sweater. It was a wierd giant turtleneck cowl thing and the sweater was probably from the 90's.
 We love having a never ending supply of free oranges and lemons.
Here is Milo, our little playmate.
This was a super quick refashion. I just laid one of her t-shirts on the sweater and traced the shoulders and armholes. I drew an a line shape to the hem, using the bottom of the sweater for the hem. I did the same with the sleeve, measuring up from the sleeve hem the measurements for the sleeve.
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  1. That is a super cool little girls dress and a headband to boot, love it!

  2. So cute!! My resolution is to learn to sew this year. That looks doable for a newbie. Maybe. Eventually. Well, I'll try, anyway.

    Thanks for leaving me a sweet comment! I'm glad I found your site. I'm your newest follower!!

    Emily @

  3. Such a lovely way to use an old jumper.

  4. How adorable! I love tangerine colours. I had a maternity top in tha colour and used it embellishments!

  5. Very cute! I really enjoy repurposing clothing and seeing how others do it as well.

  6. Oh I absolutely LOVE this! Gorgeous!!


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