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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Wardrobe Refashion Pledge

An embroidered t shirt that was ill fitting but had beautiful motifs.

The  embroidered bit I chose to cut out. The t shirt fabric is easy to work with because it doesn't unravel.

The Old Navy shirt I altered. I let out the hem, took in the side seams and made the darts wider, then re-hemmed it.
The improved fit with a new applique

I just wanted to talk about a blog that has me really excited. It's called Wardrobe Refashion. You make a pledge not to buy anything new but to remodel things in your closet, make clothing from scratch, or buy things at the thrift shop to rework or wear as is , but you can't get anything new. You sign up for a certain date.  I'm going to start November first. You agree to a time period of two months. You have to post a photo every week of what you made. It's a group blog and it's really interesting just to browse through it to see what people have come up with. I was so jazzed by the idea I started before my sign up date, digging through a pile of clothing in the back room that I was going to take to the thrift shop. I found a plaid shirt I bought at Old Navy after I had my last baby. It fits through the bust still, but I have lost weight since I bought it, and it was pretty frumpy looking on me. I also had an embroidered T shirt I bought about six years ago that was too low cut with a weird stretched out fit and just kind of busy in general as you can see. I have been saving it because I think the embroidery is beautiful and I wanted to cut it off to use on something else. I wasn't totally sold on the owl applique but it was fun cutting and pasting!


  1. I hate throwing clothes away when they don't fit or if they get stained or ruined. I love both of these shirts and the end product is so cute!

  2. Thanks Amy. I have given so many things to the goodwill that I could have just changed a little. Check out that blog I linked!


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