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Monday, December 13, 2010

DIY Birthday Party Ideas

I'm trying to plan a handmade party for Lily who is turning eight tomorrow! Here are some ideas and links I've found for party planning. I wish I could actually do all these projects for her party but I doubt I have time. Why do I always leave everything to the last minute? I have compiled a list of some great tutorials from fellow bloggers below.

Handmade Party Favor Ideas:

headband from foofanagle

Belt for boy guests made from a ruler from The Mother Huddle

Party decor: Friendly forest theme

Maybe I'll try these although I have to say I'm probably the worst baker in the family. I should post a pic of the lopsided Barbie cake with wierd smushes all over it that were supposed to be scallops I made for Lilys' fifth birthday. That would be one to post on CraftFail. Perhaps our son can make them..
Here are some Decorating instructions for the woodland cupcakes below.

Here are some other cute cupcake toppers at Party Parade on Etsy:

Group craft ideas:
Fabric flower from green is the new blue

Ribbon covered pencil jar from the long thread

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  1. Good blog and good party decoration supplies, i really like it. Good going man, best of luck for the future.


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