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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Little girls peasant style dress

As you probably can tell if you've looked at any of my other girls' designs, I love patterns! This is a new design of mine that still draws on my cupcake theme. Sometimes  my dresses are a little busy but colors and trims on little girls' clothing make me feel happy. I think they make little girls feel happy when they wear them too. They are just on the verge of being costumey and I think they love that. 
This dress has an underskirt with a pleated ruffle with a vertical tuck.
The peasant style top ties in the back. 
Holding the skirt out and a detail of the ruffle and crochet trim.
This dress will be available at my new etsy shop at sewcountrychick in sizes 2 to 8


  1. So cute! And you are very right about loving the borderline costume look. Little girls love it!

  2. The dress is so cute.

  3. cant find u on etsy, love this dress wld love to know ur prices. find me on FB, thanks.


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